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I’m Shella Angeles, 37 years old. Before taking Optrimax Plum Delite my weight was 60 kilos, I had high blood pressure, ulcer and suffering heart burn almost every night. Then a friend introduced to me the product and tried it immediately after purchasing. After 10 days consuming 1 box, I was amazed that I lose 2 kilos. Now I’m on my 2nd box and will continue using to maintain my weight. Thank you Optrimax Plum Delite!


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**The Testimony is 100% Genuine and we are aware of R.A. No. 7394 ARTICLE 50 & 51













Ms Padilla


Ms. Padilla Lost 12Kilos in 2 Weeks.
0906-400-9859 / 0939-771-4927

“Akala ko hindi na ako papayat….salamat s plum delite!!!…..from the regular 76kilos…down to 64kilos in 2 weeks… amazing product!!…” – Ms. Padilla

**The Testimony is 100% Genuine and we are aware of R.A. No. 7394 ARTICLE 50 & 51JENG

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